Sweet Island Skunk

Sweet Island Skunk

Sweet Island Skunk: great for the daytime smoker.

Similar to many top-shelf sativa strains, Sweet Island Skunk  delivers a strong yet functional cerebral high accompanied by a less intense body high. The nugs are light green and on the fluffy side with an average covering of trichomes and elongated light orange/yellow hairs. Sweet Island Skunk emits a strong, street skunk marijuana odor.

The parent is a 1970′s California Skunk #1 strain that was referred to as “Sweet Skunk” and came to North America by way of expat Vietnam veterans who settled on Vancouver Island in Western Canada.

It has a very well rounded high and a favorite of those who enjoy a daytime smoke. It’s a bit floaty and right on the edge of a soaring high. It is also a fairly clear-headed high, which is what makes it so ideal for the daytime.

Clinical testing for THC content for Sweet Island Skunk has been reported at 19.6%, but recent tests have put the THC levels at 21.6%.

According to Patients Car Collective Berkeley (PCC), recommended medicinal uses include: appetite, attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, nausea, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, glaucoma, migraines, alcoholism, anorexia, and pains associated with AIDS and cancer.

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